Interested in a custom piece? I can make it happen.

Basement Sessions

Saturday Jun, 24th 2017 @7:00pm
@Lot 1901

Basement Sessions A finely curated evening of art, hip hop, bass, wave, food, and cocktails.


Friday May, 19th 2017 @6:00pm
@Illsol Studio and Art Space

Grayscale An exhibit of grayscale pieces, by local and nationally recognized, multi-faceted painters and illustrators.

Secret Walls

Saturday May, 6th 2017 @1:00pm
@Straz Center

Secret Walls Two days, two 90 minute illustration battles, black paint, no pencils.

Get It Together

Friday Mar, 24th 2017 @6:00pm
@Illsol Studio and Art Space

Get It Together The debut art show of Illsol Space - featuring work of artists working throughout Florida.

Crazy 8s

Saturday Feb, 25th 2017 @5:00pm
@Trinity Graphics

Crazy 8s Skateboard inspired art event.

Heroes vs Villains

Saturday Nov, 19th 2016 @7:00pm
@Black Amethyst

Heroes vs Villains 30 artists pay tribute to heroes and villains of book and film.


Sunday Nov, 6th 2016 @8:00pm
@studio 620

YES! 22 local artists create works of art that incorporate the work YES. Part of a duo of exhibits at Studio@620.

Creative Block

Monday Sep, 5th 2016 @9:00am
@Florida CraftArt

Creative Block


Saturday May, 14th 2016 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

Hueniverse Duo art show and music event featuring art by Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol, with music from DJ Wally Clark, Jinx and more.


Saturday Apr, 9th 2016 @7:00pm
@Black Amethyst/Daddy Kool Records

Mixtape 40 artists create works on wood cassette tape.

Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary

Saturday Mar, 5th 2016 @6:00pm
@Bloom Art Center

Screaming Hand 30th Anniversary An art show celebrating thirty years of the Screaming Hand. A tribute to the artist Jim Phillips.

Moleskine Mailer Project

Saturday Jan, 9th 2016 @6:00pm
@Tempus Projects

Moleskine Mailer Project 100+ artists create works in Moleskine Postal Notebooks.

23 Deck Salute

Saturday Nov, 7th 2015 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

23 Deck Salute 23 skateboards decks, representing Skatepark of Tampa's 23 year anniversary.

We are Seminole Heights

Monday Oct, 5th 2015 @7:00pm
@Fodder and Shine

We are Seminole Heights Local art showcase celebrating the Seminole Heights community.

Highlands Art Show and Market

Saturday Sep, 19th 2015 @5:00pm
@Cafe Hey

Highlands Art Show and Market Celebration of Tampa's oldest suburb with local art, vendors and a mural unveiling.


Saturday Jul, 25th 2015 @7:00pm
@Green Bench Brewing

Blacktides 30 artists depicting creatures of aquatic folklore.

Garden Art Party

Saturday Apr, 25th 2015 @7:00pm
@Green Bench Brewing

Garden Art Party 50 artists create garden inspired pieces for a one-night only event.


Saturday Apr, 11th 2015 @7:00pm
@Black Amethyst

Elements 50+ artists create pieces inspired by selected elements from the Periodic Table.

Art and Craft Beer Show

Saturday Apr, 11th 2015 @6:00pm
@Trinity Graphics

Art and Craft Beer Show 10 artists have creative free-reign, but must incorporate a used silkscreen.

Creature Feature

Saturday Oct, 25th 2014 @7:00pm
@BlueLucy Ybor

Creature Feature A portrait series of legendary creatures and monsters.

BlueLucy pop-up gallery

Wednesday Sep, 17th 2014 @7:00pm
@Coliseum Ballroom

BlueLucy pop-up gallery Various local artists displaying work at the Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Party.


Saturday Aug, 23rd 2014 @7:00pm
@BlueLucy Ybor

Toons 50 artists create pieces based on selected cartoons.

Innoskate 2014

Saturday Jun, 21st 2014 @12:00pm
@Polk Museum of Art

Innoskate 2014 Celebrating Go Skateboarding Day at Polk Museum of Art.


Friday Jun, 20th 2014 @6:00pm

MISC First show at BlueLucy, Ybor. Assorted works by local artists.

All Decked Out

Saturday Apr, 26th 2014 @2:00pm
@Polk Museum of Art

All Decked Out Art exhibit with all work created on skateboards or containing skateboarding related imagery.

100 Films

Saturday Apr, 19th 2014 @7:00am
@BlueLucy Gallery

100 Films 100 artists select movies from a list of 200, then create works based on the selected film.

Infectious: The Art of Glitter

Friday Feb, 14th 2014 @7:00pm
@BlueLucy Gallery

Infectious: The Art of Glitter Artists create works that include glitter as a material.

Holiday Sale

Saturday Dec, 7th 2013 @8:00pm
@Cafe Hey

Holiday Sale Silent art auction of work from 4 Tampa artists (myself, Tony Krol, Daniel Mrgan and Danial Ryan).

Legally On Board

Saturday Nov, 23rd 2013 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

Legally On Board 21 artists create artwork on skateboards to celebrate SPoT's 21st anniversary.

‘93 ‘til Infinity (4 of 4)

Tuesday Sep, 3rd 2013 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

‘93 ‘til Infinity (4 of 4) 10 local artists and 10 internationally known artists incorporating the SPoT's City Star logo in their work.

RedBull Wake Art Project 2013

Saturday Jul, 6th 2013 @12:00pm
@Tampa Convention Center

RedBull Wake Art Project 2013 Wakeboard art show coinciding with the RedBull Wake Open.


Saturday May, 25th 2013 @7:00pm
@Cafe Hey

525 5 artists (John Alexander Carvajal, Tony Krol, Daniel Mrgan, Angus Shafer and myself) showing 25 pieces each.


Friday Feb, 22nd 2013 @7:00pm
@L.A. Gallery Salon

Intermix Duo show (Tony Krol and myself) showing new work at the L.A. Gallery Salon.

‘93 ‘til Infinity (3 of 4)

Saturday Jan, 12th 2013 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

‘93 ‘til Infinity (3 of 4) Group art show featuring 20 artists with works depicting iconic moments from 1993-2012.

‘93 ‘til Infinity (2 of 4)

Saturday Nov, 17th 2012 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

‘93 ‘til Infinity (2 of 4) Skateboard art show. 20 artists incorporate the SPoT City Star logo and reference the number 20.

DK Munny Show 2012

Saturday Oct, 6th 2012 @7:00pm
@Daddy Kool Records

DK Munny Show 2012 Artists create unique kidrobot Munnys for the show.

The Jerry and Steve Show

Friday Sep, 7th 2012 @7:00pm
@HCC Gallery

The Jerry and Steve Show Retrospective show honoring 2 Hillsborough Community College art professors.

RedBull Wake Art Project 2012

Friday Jul, 13th 2012 @12:00pm
@Tampa Convention Center

RedBull Wake Art Project 2012 Wakeboard art show coinciding with the RedBull Wake Open competition.

A is for Alphabet

Saturday Jun, 16th 2012 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

A is for Alphabet 26 artists, each creating a piece of word based on a letter of the alphabet.

Gratitude Art Show

Saturday Mar, 10th 2012 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

Gratitude Art Show Artists pay tribute to skateboard graphics by doing their version of a classic.

Photo Album Art Show

Saturday Jan, 21st 2012 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

Photo Album Art Show Over 30 Florida artists display photographic recreations of their favorite album covers.

5 SPoT

Thursday Dec, 1st 2011 @8:00pm
@Skatepark of Tampa

5 SPoT Charity art show for Boards for Bros with all artists producing 5" x 5" pieces.

2 for 2 at The Bricks

Saturday Sep, 24th 2011 @8:00pm
@The Bricks

2 for 2 at The Bricks Two artists showcasing new work in the Study Hall at The Bricks.

Time Warp

Saturday Sep, 10th 2011 @9:00pm
@The Bricks

Time Warp Over 25 local artists put their present "Time Warp" revisions on master pieces of the past.

art after dark

Friday Apr, 16th 2010 @8:00pm
@Tampa Museum of Art

art after dark Benefit art exhibit featuring 20+ artists partnered with local charities.

Munny: Change is Everything

Saturday Feb, 27th 2010 @11:55am
@Skatepark of Tampa

Munny: Change is Everything Artists submit unique kidrobot Munny creations for the event.

UO Local Art Event

Friday Jan, 8th 2010 @7:00pm
@Urban Outfitters (Ybor City)

UO Local Art Event Local artists take over Urban Outfitters.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall 2

Thursday Dec, 3rd 2009 @8:00pm
@Skatepark of Tampa

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall 2 Second annual charity art event raising money for Boards for Bros.

Art Deck Yo!

Saturday Aug, 15th 2009 @7:00pm
@Skatepark of Tampa

Art Deck Yo! Group skateboard deck art show.

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall 1

Thursday Dec, 4th 2008 @8:00pm
@Skatepark of Tampa

99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall 1 Charity art show with all proceeds going to Boards for Bros.

mind the gap

Friday Nov, 7th 2008 @7:00pm
@Gallery 209

mind the gap One night group art exhibition at the Santaella Cigar Factory.

Canvas 4

Friday Sep, 26th 2008 @11:15am

Canvas 4 Group exhibition showcasing local art.

In : OUT

Friday Sep, 19th 2008 @7:00pm

In : OUT Group art exhibit showcasing new work from myself, Denton Crawford and Kym O'Donnell.

Shades of Personality

Friday Sep, 1st 2006 @7:00pm
@William and Nancy Oliver Gallery at USF

Shades of Personality Art exhibit exploring the concept of personality.

HCC 29th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition

Thursday Apr, 10th 2003 @5:00pm
@HCC Gallery

HCC 29th Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition Juried student art exhibit.