blogTwo years down

April 15, 2015

There is never anything typical in this union.

I’m not one for fancy dinners and wine, expensive gifts, obligatory flowers or cliche romantic gestures…or whatever nonsense it is that gets ladies all gushy these days. Luckily, Mr. Tony learned that quickly. Because he’s such a quick learn, year two anniversary was’t celebrated at a fancy restaurant, no jewelry, no super-mushy Facebook post was made. There were flowers though, but my favorite type, fresh and still in the ground.

Instead, we went on a biking adventure at Lake Louisa. We planned on camping in a cabin, which we did. I will say the accommodations were not as rustic as either of us had anticipated, but that’s not something I couldn’t really complain about. The place was peaceful and incredibly quite. So quite in fact, it made it impossible for either of us to sleep. I laid there hoping that the fan would eventually begin to squeak, just so I could here something…ANYTHING. To no avail. We both ended up getting about an hour and a half of sleep before the morning’s ride.

Both of us were groggy as hell, so we eased into the morning with a short hike. Being tired wasn’t going to stop us from having the ultimate outdoor bike adventure. Before we could do that, breakfast was in order. Since I am trying to gain weight and need almost 3000 calories a day to keep it up, I downed a pile of french toast, bacon and eggs. Seemed like a wise idea because I’d stay full longer, meaning we could ride longer without stopping.

Once we made our way to the trails, we realized we were not really equipped for the terrain. The trails were grassy and leafy at the beginning, but once were a good ways in things got, uh, SANDY. I mean really sandy. Not only are BMX bikes not great for sand trails, the “wise idea” at breakfast was making the sand riding task seem even more difficult. What seemed like a wise idea about an hour earlier was now slowing me down. I felt like the french toast had turned to concrete in my gut, making me weigh double what I did prior to eating it. I might as well have been riding in quick sand. To make the adventure even more challenging, it was pushing 90 degrees in April AND we didn’t bring water.

The whole situation may have frustrated most, but I though it was perfect and very amusing. It wasn’t possible for that day to go any other way. If I had gotten sleep, eaten granola for breakfast, had a different bike and brought water along, it would have just been a nice bike ride. What I got was a true adventure, a very funny one at that. That’s kind of a trademark of Krol-Sawyer outings, they are always adventures and the memories are priceless. I guess that’s why I refer to him as my life adventure partner rather than husband.


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