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November 07, 2015

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New piece for 23 Deck Salute at The Bricks.

Full title of this piece is They will offer you deceit and pull at every strand of your kindness, but true grace will never die.

Pardon the seemingly negative tone of this piece. Although the feelings behind it may be a bit negative or pessimistic, the intent was to make something beautiful out of an ugly sentiment.

Recently, I’ve been feeling like being nice and caring doesn’t really pay off. It seems as if many people take as much of the good that the kind-hearted offer and only give back lies and manipulation, just to milk more goodness out of a person. Sometimes I wonder if being selfish, not being caring and sensitive, and attempting to erase every shred of empathy out of my being would make life a whole-hell-of-a-lot easier. But, then I remembered that changing my nature is about as easy as making the sky neon yellow. So, with the frustration of knowing I will probably forever feel this way, I chose to find solace in my work. Rather than take my typical approach of avoiding any reference or reflection of some of the adverse social and world views I have, I chose to just throw it all out there…and it worked.

Here’s the explanation:

- The deer skull at the center of the composition is representative of the idea of grace. Deer are considered to be one of the most graceful creatures in nature and I was recently gifted a couple of deer skulls, so it seemed like a natural choice for a central image.

- Typically used in funeral arrangements, lilies fill the lower portion of the composition and a reference to death.

- Above the skull, there are Winter Cherries, which are tied to the concept deceit. The plant offers a bright red fruit that looks as if it would be sweet like a cherry, but is actually a bitter.

Not only did I work through some negative feelings in this piece, I also worked through my issues with certain colors. It’s common knowledge that orange is at the bottom of my hierarchy of colors, but purple is simply a color I struggle with. I look good in purple, but I don’t own anything in the color. I try to use it in pieces, but never quite wrap my head around how or where to use it. I broke the Sawyer Theory of Color Supremacy in this piece. I am at piece with all colors, now I just need to figure out yellow.


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