blogSerendipity with sparkly eyes…

September 02, 2014

and black fur.

It has been established and noted many times throughout my posts that I am into signs, luck and symbols. Well, tonight I got what I took as a double sign of good fortune.

I went for one of my normal Tampa walks, this evening I chose the Downtown Riverwalk. Where I usually stop to admire ducks huddled up by the river, I found something else. Sitting there under an overpass was a pair of gigantic, sparkly pink eyes staring at me. As I walked closer, the surprise became even more spectacular. It was a black kitten with gigantic, pink sparkly eyes. Now why is this a double symbol of good luck? One, it’s a black cat, probably the luckiest animal on my list. If you have one or know one, you understand. Two, the eyeballs on this thing are just magical. Pink sparkles + black cat = someone was reading my mind and left the little gem just for me. This treasure totally made my night.


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