blogYou can polish a turd.

August 27, 2014

Well, the receptacle at least.

They say you can’t polish a turd. I guess that’s true, depending on what definition of turd one is using. An actual piece of feces, that would just be messy and impossible (depending on your technique). If one is speaking of a turd as someone, or as in the Sawyerfresh dictionary, something that is unpleasant…totally possible. Way easier to accomplish with a “something turd” than a “someone turd”…I’ve tried.

Anyhow, proof of the polishing being possible came today, in the garden. For the past year and some change, I have lived with a 1950’s toilet that had zero flush power and permanent rust stains. Today, that turd of a toilet became a thing of beauty. The shape of a toilet is actually quite nice and this particular one is from my era, so I felt the need to make use of it rather than dump it. Planting in a toilet isn’t a new invention, but I felt accomplished by salvaging something I once disliked so much.

Today, I started work in what I call my “cute zone” in the front yard. That toilet that I cursed for months now has new life. The bowl itself is now home to vining plants and Mexican Heather, while the tank is filled with Bougainvillea. This is definitely going to be a fun little side project.


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