blogDon’t stop looking at me swan.

June 20, 2014

And please let me pet you with you’re at it.

Tonight was a twofer art night. Innoskate began tonight, so after visiting Blue Lucy, I was off to the Polk Museum of Art to check out the festivities.

Prior to the opening of All Decked Out at the Polk Museum of Art, I had never been to Lakeland. One thing I noticed during my first visit was that they had swans…and they liked them a lot! They had giant sculptures of swans throughout the city and as I drove around Lake Morton, I noticed a few swans swimming across the water.

Tonight, as I made that same drive around the lake to the museum, I noticed something different. The swans were near the shore, some even out of the water. The moment I saw that, I was on a mission. That mission was to befriend a swan, even if it meant I got attacked. Luckily, swans are much more pleasant than I thought. I think the trick was talking to them. They were a little hesitant to come my way at first, but then I started the small talk and compliments. They really liked hearing how beautiful they are and how much I appreciated them letting me get so close.

I wasn’t able to pet one, but I did make a friend. That was a pretty impressive feat for me since I’m kind of scared of birds (bad experience with an angry parrot when I was younger). Plus, swans are huge, like mutant ducks or something. Seriously thought I was in for a pecking, but I lucked out. Thanks to Lakeland, and your lovely swans, for making my dream come true.


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