blogNational Honesty Day 2014

April 30, 2014

I rarely dole out my opinion, but in the spirit of being festive, I will.

Any grand gesture or good deed can be done for selfish, manipulative reasons. Sometimes acts done with the most solid intentions and logical reasoning can be perceived as malicious if one lacks the insight to examine intent. I have been blessed with such insight and an intuition that allows me to see the forest for the trees. Rather than getting caught up in the dramatic aspect of situations, I try to use logic and a sound moral compass to come to an understanding of how people work. I see people for who they are and what they stand for…not the image they portray to the world. Now, there are a few folks that flew past my radar, but I cannot take fault for someone else’s ill-intent.
Intent is the aim or purpose behind an action. This is the part of an action that is extremely important, quite possibly the most important part, but something that is often times ignored. Life is made up of a series of actions and choices, some good and some bad, but the reason why we make them is what makes all the difference. Personally, I think critically about actions and decisions before I make them. That’s not to say I’m perfect, just that I have given ample thought to the “why” of said action before moving forward. In this age of immediate reaction and response, people all-too-often omit any deep contemplation of the “why” step in decision making and just do what feels good at the moment. There is no real examination of core intent. This lack of critical thinking causes unnecessary drama and makes communication more difficult than it has to be. I have come under attack on a number of occasions in my life for things I’ve said or done and I can say, that on each occasion, my intent could back up those words and actions. This goes beyond mere justification, that is separate animal. Although people may not always like what they perceive about me, my intent is always solid, reasonable and fair. My intent is never selfish, vindictive, mean-spirited or filled with ill-will.
Perhaps the majority just can’t think beyond the immediate, feel-good action and that is simply their intent, “It makes me feel good”. Whatever the reason, I wish people could be a bit more reflective, examine their own motives and see how they affect others rather than constantly pointing fingers. The “it’s always someone else’s fault” attitude is worn out and something I have zero tolerance for. Honesty Day is not meant to upset anyone. It gives everyone the opportunity to share opinions and thoughts in an honest way. Although those opinions and thoughts may offend or upset, the intent is honest…and that is what matters.


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