blogMay Day 2015

May 01, 2015

Some flowers and good cheer. Making simple and sweet cool again.

I first learned of May Day back in 2008, during my first year of teaching. The holiday has been around for WAY longer, but fizzled out of tradition before I was even born. I owe my knowledge and appreciation of this holiday to a co-worker who kept the spirit alive. I remember her talking about May Day in her class and establishing a yearly tradition where the girls would anonymously leave flowers for the boys in their class. I thought it was a sweet gesture, but wasn’t sure how it was going to work, especially in a time when the average person (or middle-schooler) isn’t impressed or moved by the simple gift of a flower. It did work and it was super cute! Everyone was all smiles and not a one person was left out. From that first May Day on, I have tried to celebrate in some form each year.

First year, I sent her flowers because I thought she’d be the only person to appreciate it. Two years ago was the first time I ever gave flowers to a guy. I had become very used to men not being very sentimental, so I saved the flower deal for my lady friends. That year, I was so excited that I gave the gift on March 1st, not May 1st. It was a drawing of flowers, which luckily needed a bit of color, so I took it back and painted it for the REAL MAY DAY. Embarrassment aside, the gift was cherished. It still sits in front of his desk and I laugh each time I look at the date written on it (3.1.13 to 5.1.13).

This year, that same gentleman and I were mid yard revamp when May 1st hit, so I had a good reason to get live flowers rather than doing a drawing. I picked up some mini pink pentas to add color to the yard and to hopefully lure some butterflies in. That sparked a flower planting frenzy. At this rate, there won’t be room for more flowers by next May Day.


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