blogLa Segunda Central Anniversary

April 23, 2015

100 years in Tampa, just over a third of that in my life.

There are few local businesses that can boast 100 years of history in a city. La Segunda Central can and all it takes is a step inside to understand why. Their interior has been given a lovely makeover, but their backed goods and coffee are the same as always…FABULOUS!

Reasons why they are still killing it in Tampa after all these years:

1) Guava and Cheese Turnovers. I’m not a fan of jellies or fruity desserts, but for these, I tweak my policy. They are a tradition in Tampa, at least in my experience of the city. There are other bakeries that offer fine Guava and Cheese pastries, but in my book, La Segunda’s are a cut above. Baked to a a beautiful golden brown and filled with a near-perfect guava to cheese ratio. (Yes, I have a ratio system. I have the same type of system for other things as well.)
2) Their Cuban Bread. I place this at second because I’m on the fence in who has better Cuban Bread in this town, La Segunda or Mauricio Faedo’s. I will never turn down either, but I can tell the difference. Usually people take a stance on one or the other. I say they’re both phenomenal.
3) Their coffee. They use Naviera from the nearby El Molino roasters. I’m not a fan of fancy, hip coffee joints. That’s why I stick to my roots. I don’t need 50 different coffees on the menu, nor do I need steamed soy or almond milk (I’m a purist, even whilst slightly lactose intolerant). I don’t need to be asked if I want my coffee wet or dry, it’s a beverage and they are wet…I like it that simple. I’m not the type that feels it necessary to customize everything, down to my coffee. Just coffee, milk and sugar, size small. All I have to say is cafe con leche and done. Simple, sweet, efficient.
4) The cookies. Buy them single or by the pound. I choose by the pound, 1/2 pound usually. My go-to’s are the cherry (red, not green) and the coconut chocolate chip. They make excellent “dipits”* for coffee.

So here’s to another 100 years of tasty treats!

*Dipits: a food item you dip into something else, usually a liquid, but ice cream can also be used. (Ex: Pretzels are a good dipit for ice cream, french fries for milkshakes and cookies for coffee)


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