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June 13, 2014

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Just a rainy Friday the 13th in Portland, ME.

Cryptids, I’ve been fascinated for years. Being from Florida, the Skunk Ape story was something I heard from a young age. Any time I was in the woods, I wondered if I would encounter one. No such luck. In the 90’s, The Chupacabra began wreaking havoc in Puerto Rico and some South American countries. I remember following this on the Spanish news that my grandmother would watch. I even had a Chupacabra t-shirt that I wore religiously. That coincided with the popularity of The X-Files, which I rarely missed an episode of.

That being said, making a stop by the International Cryptozoology Museum was a must while in Maine. They had everything from Bigfoot, to the Yeti, jackalopes, mermaids, aliens, and my beloved Chupacabra.  I even learned about Kappas, a cryptid from Japanese folklore which apparently inspired the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Super stoked about that little nugget of info! There is even a collection of art that has been donated to honor cryptids. More than likely that I will be sending a Sawyer Special their way eventually.


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