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July 20, 2014
by: green at a time.

I am a color nerd. I don’t just see color, I experience it, I feel it. For me, color is tied tightly to emotion. Some colors provide positive feelings, while others cause negative sensations. This isn’t uncommon, most people have a favorite color or a color they dislike. My feelings about color go beyond like or dislike, as colors seem to be so deeply connected to my feelings and can sometimes spark physical sensations. 

I used to think I imagined this, as if I over exaggerate a like or dislike of certain colors. Lately, I’ve been testing my color theory, with all evidence pointing to the theory actually being a fact. I even tested it on my latest piece and I almost drove a hammer through the panel in the first few hours of working on it. All because of, I do believe, the color.

I definitely gravitate towards greens and blues, with my love of green being on high lately. They make me feel calm and happy. Not just any green or blue, there are absolutely certain shades and tints that bring about those feelings. When there is a “perfect” green, I am elated. These are usually lighter tints or extremely deep, rich shades.  If I could, I would live in the color, or at the very least snuggle the hell out of it…if it were possible. Until that can happen, I have to accept the few moments I have with the color and hold on to the memory through photo. There are exceptions to the green rule…

1) Hunter Green and Phthalo Green are NEVER good, ever!
2) Also, Kelly Green only for mixing or in moderation, never alone if avoidable.

To me, orange is the lesser of all colors in the spectrum. I don’t understand the color. Maybe it’s because it is a mix of two warm colors, too aggressive for my blood. That’s not to say I 100% detest orange. I just have certain rules about orange, as I do with other colors.

1) Never alone, unless unavoidable… Orange alone just doesn’t work. It’s rare to see something solid orange that looks good. If something must be predominantly orange, then it must. There is no way around it and I have to come to grips with it.
2) Use in small doses with other, better colors… Orange makes a good accent color, especially when next to a lovely green.

Given my connection to color, I decided to begin exploring my world in greens and blues. I have started documenting all of the “perfect” colors the world offers me. The perfection is not only in the shade of the color, but how light and surroundings impact it.


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