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May 01, 2014


Finally saw The Boss live.

All who know me also know my love for Bruce Springsteen. Up until about a year ago, he was my secret husband. To me, he has always been a master storyteller. Even as a kid, I was able to listen to his songs and create the visual in my mind. Once we had cable, I saw The Boss on MTV and I was hooked. To me, he was Mr. Cool. Just a regular guy, doing what he loved. In the age of hair bands and spandex, I was drawn to the realness and simplicity Bruce brought to the table. I could relate to him, even as child. As an adult, his songs are even more meaningful. Rather than just visualizing them, I can feel them. Last time The Boss came to Tampa, I wasn’t able to make it. That was tough for me. When I saw he was once again gracing Tampa with his presence, I had to be there, no excuses. After so many years in the industry, one never knows when he will decide to stop touring. I had already missed the chance of seeing Clarence perform with the E Street Band and this could have been my last chance at ever seeing Bruce. I must say, the man and the band are absolutely amazing. He is 65 years old and played a 3 hour plus set. No opening bands and he started right at the 7:30 gate time. 3 hours of non-stop playing is unheard of, let alone from someone that age. That is a testament to the care he has for his music and his fans. I’ve seen guys probably a third of his age give decent-at-best performances that lasted less than a third of what the E Street Band pulled off.  Punctual and hard working…I like his style. It was more than a concert, it was a life experience. Bruce and the band unleashed a deluge of happiness and joy on the crowd, at least on those who get his music. There was a wonderful mix of old tunes, covers and new songs, all complemented by the guitar stylings of Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine fame. When I saw him on stage, my excitement level went higher than I thought possible. From the energy filled performance of “Wrecking Ball” to the tear-jerking homage to Clarence Clemons during “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” to the Tampa shout-out in “From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)” to the second line carried out through the crowd…the performance was out of this world. Oh, and I can’t forget “Dancing in the Dark” , when every woman in the crowd carried out her own Courtney Cox dream, legs kicking and arms flailing. Bruce is the perfect blend of musician and entertainer. Hands down, the best performance I’ve ever been to. If there was such a thing as a joy meter, mine would have exploded. You could see other people felt it to. I was so touched by the group of elderly men in the front row, singing every word with hands raised.  A truly religious experience. I’m so fortunate to have had this opportunity.


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