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June 14, 2014

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Nature just jammed that horse pill down my throat.

People tell me I don’t know how to relax and I agree. It’s no secret and it’s not something I’m super happy about, but I try and that’s what counts. I was born stressed and tense, and I suppose it never wore off. Most times, it takes some sort of huge life event to snap me into shape for a while, the reverse of how most people react. I have good stretches, but recently I’ve been maxing out my stress and anxiety meter. No matter how much friends and family have tried to help, the stress is only alleviated for a brief period of time. Over the past 2 days, nature punched me in the face until I broke and I was forced to relax.

One wouldn’t think that a mountain hike trip would be so relaxing for someone with a fear of heights, but it may have cured my anxiety woes, at least for a bit. The views at Acadia National Park, simply glorious. I felt on top of the world and as if I could touch the sky. Sand Beach offered a fabulous color show with the browns and reds of the cliffs against the deep blue ocean below. Then there were the moon-like mountain tops, with their smooth, rounded rock formations splattered with pinks and greens. Oh, and the smell of pine everywhere…a girl could breath, finally.

During my hikes, I was reminded of how small I am. Not just literally, but in the grand scheme of the world. Not to say insignificant, because individuals can make an impact.  I realized the source of much of my stress was trying to make sense of and fix things that I have zero control over. I can overanalyze any situation for days on end and think of scenarios that would fix the problem, but that will never change anything…except my own metal and physical well-being. That seems like common sense, I know, but it brought me back to a much more relaxed state.

It all stems from my approach to life. I like it positive, efficient, organized and as drama-free as possible. Unfortunately, that’s not the approach of many people in this world, including a good number I have to deal with personally. No matter how rude, ignorant, mean, petty or selfish people are, that is on them. I have no control over any of it. The only thing I can control is my own thoughts and actions.

All I want to do is make the outside world more efficient and less dramatic, but by doing so, I have made my mind less efficient and made it more drama filled. This trip reminded me of how much more control I have over my mind than my life…and the world around me. Standing on the edge of a cliff and watching the waves crash hundreds of feet below me reenforced the fact that at any given moment, nature will do what it wants, no matter how much I think, fret, stress or analyze…so I should just chill the hell out and enjoy the ride.


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