Red Bull Cooler for Creative Block

September 02, 2016

Red Bull Cooler for Creative Block Hey, horoscope! You can’t read nothin’.

I’m a slightly superstitious lady and look for signs everywhere. Day-in and day-out, I am trying to find some hidden message in the world around me or in my dreams. This tendency can be amusing,… more


May 14, 2016

Hueniverse Hueniverse: a colorful artistic exploration through and an homage to the world of hip hop song and lyric.

This was the second duo show featuring Tony Krol and myself, but our first at The Bricks. Hueniverse was meant to be a colorful artistic exploration through and an homage to the world of hip… more

Moleskine Mailer Project

January 09, 2016

Moleskine Mailer Project 100+ Moleskine Postals at Tempus Projects

Tempus Projects selected 100+ artists to fill pocket-sized Moleskine Postal Notebooks.
For those who are unfamiliar, the Moleskine Postal Notebook, is an 8-page, roughly 5x7 inch hybrid of sketchbook, journal and… more

They will offer you…

November 07, 2015

They will offer you… New piece for 23 Deck Salute at The Bricks.

Full title of this piece is They will offer you deceit and pull at every strand of your kindness, but true grace will never die.

Pardon the seemingly negative tone of this piece. Although the… more

CL Best of the Bay Award

September 25, 2015

CL Best of the Bay Award It’s not all about winning.

Creative Loafing’s Best of the Bay issue is kind of a big deal to people in these parts. When BOTB season opens up, everyone is all “vote for us” on every social media platform. I… more

Polar Cup

September 22, 2015

Polar Cup What’s on my mind when there’s a “feels like” 100+ outside.

During the painting of the Tampa Heights mural, Florida was super hot. If it wasn’t raining, the “feels like” temperature was steady around 104 on most days. Up against a brick wall, next to… more

La Segunda by Name…

September 21, 2015

La Segunda by Name… Honoring my Ybor roots.

Ybor City holds tons of history, memories and traditions for me. It is where my family settled down when they arrived from Cuba. My mother was born there. Ybor is where I first started… more

Devil Crab

September 20, 2015

Devil Crab A Sawyerfresh tribute to a Tampa culinary creation.

One afternoon, about 3 years ago, I had a memorable encounter with the famous Ybor Devil Crab. During one of my usual Saturday morning meet-up at La Tropicana, I challenged a cast of of… more

Tampa Heights mural

September 18, 2015

Tampa Heights mural Where Sawyer florals and Krol text unite.

Our aim for this project was to create an image that honored the history of the area, but had a modern feel. Being a Tampa native and Tampa Heights resident, I was extremely excited to… more

Dobhar chu

July 21, 2015

Dobhar chu New piece for Black Tides.

For Black Tides, each artist was asked to give their own visual interpretations of aquatic myth and legend. Being a lover of mythology, folklore and cryptozoology, I was thrilled to be invited to… more

My First Custom Domino Table

June 18, 2015

My First Custom Domino Table Finally getting to build stuff.

I play dominoes regularly. Almost every family function, at least 1 game is played. I have 6 sets, including 2 mini sets to carry in my purse. Yes, I carry a set around in case… more


April 25, 2015

Cicada New piece for Garden Art Party.

Going into the Garden Art Party, I had anticipated creating a floral piece, but was asked to create a featured piece inspired by an insect instead. That totally threw my brain for a loop.… more

He was the Walrus

April 12, 2015

He was the Walrus A pretty obscure number based on a long running pop culture conspiracy.

Sometimes my pieces get the blankest of blank stares. Maybe it’s because I’m not very cool, maybe it’s because my soul is in a different time or maybe it’s because I find strange things interesting,… more


April 11, 2015

Sulfur My element for Elements art show.

When I start a new piece, I usually do a bit of brainstorming, note taking, reference image searching and research on the subject. One of the favorite parts of that portion of my creative process… more

Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur

December 23, 2014

Don’t Lose Your Dinosaur Another Step Brothers inspired commission.

Back in October, I completed a 2 painting Step Brothers set as a birthday commission. This month, I had another birthday/Step Brothers commission, minus the Ferrell stress.

This piece was based on what is… more

A Batch of Art Gifts

December 22, 2014

A Batch of Art Gifts Because I like giving meaningful things.

I pretty lucky to have a talent that people appreciate. Although it makes gift giving much more time consuming for me than it would be for most, it is in a way, easier. I can’t… more

Lord and Lady of the Rings

December 18, 2014

Lord and Lady of the Rings Custom movie poster inspired anniversary gift.

As an artist, it is always gratifying to create works of my own mind that stems from my own thoughts and feelings. Then there is the flip-side of art making that is equally as pleasing,… more

Boat loads of strength and focus

November 11, 2014

Boat loads of strength and focus Jammed into a little panel…

This may be a smaller piece for me, but it one that I am definitely connected to. It was made to evoke ideas of strength, focus, and in a less obvious way, good fortune. more

Step Brothers Double Portrait Commission

October 24, 2014

Step Brothers Double Portrait Commission Facing my fears, or at least some discomforts.

I have a good friend that has been collecting my work for a few years now. Usually the purchases happen like this…

I take part in a show, she loves a piece, then someone else… more


October 23, 2014

Vodyanoy My creature for BlueLucy Ybor’s Creature Feature.

For the Creature Feature exhibit at BlueLucy Ybor, 21 artists were asked to select a mythical creature to portray in a piece of artwork. For me, the choice wasn’t easy, as the list was full… more

Representing my city…

October 18, 2014

Representing my city… with a little Tampa themed postcard action.

Everyone that knows me knows that I have hometown pride. So, helping out with creating a Tampa themed postcard was pretty cool.

I handled the drawings, while the color and text were added later. As… more

5 Little Portraits

September 19, 2014

5 Little Portraits Sitting on the web.

This was a fun batch of portraits. Five small portraits for the profile portion of the Raynor Group website. Hand-drawn images were chosen for the page to give it a unique, artistic vibe. Thanks… more

BlueLucy on Studio 10

September 04, 2014

BlueLucy on Studio 10 and I was graciously invited to join.

BlueLucy was invited to Studio 10 for a live television interview to talk about the Toons exhibit at the Ybor City gallery. To my surprise, I was asked to join in on the interview.


Test Run of Cultured Labels

August 18, 2014

Test Run of Cultured Labels …for cultured cashew cheeze.

A month or so ago, I was asked to help design labels for organic cashew cheeze. The desired inspiration was Morocco, India and Southern Spain. Given the locales of inspiration and the prevalence of Islamic… more

Astro Jetson

August 09, 2014

Astro Jetson A Sawyerfresh take on a classic cartoon character.

The second show at BlueLucy Ybor is just around the corner and I just wrapped up my piece. For the Toons show, 53 artists are creating works based on selected cartoons.

I chose The… more

Back to Tattoo Designing

July 11, 2014

Back to Tattoo Designing Getting over some hurdles with a pretty cool piece.

I get commissions and I thoroughly enjoy them. Once before, many years ago, I was asked to design a tattoo. Subject matter wise, it wasn’t of much interest to me, but I knew I could… more

Found the Lucky One

July 10, 2014

Found the Lucky One A spin on the concept of looking for luck.

Recently, I’ve done a few pieces revolving around the idea of good luck. They are fairly traditional and done in full color. To add a bit of variety to the good luck series, I opted… more

When a Tampa icon gets a Sawyerfresh makeover.

June 27, 2014

When a Tampa icon gets a Sawyerfresh makeover. Nothing says macho like a skull, I guess.

Bucco Bruce, the infamous old Bucs logo. I have always been a fan of the old logo, but many take issue with him. Either because he wasn’t “manly” enough or because of the color combo…or… more

For Goodness Strength

June 04, 2014

For Goodness Strength Channeling strength and optimism.

Power and maintaining a positive outlook is what I wanted to convey with this new piece. Although the end product is a bit different than the original sketch, I was still able to get… more

Going back to the basics

May 23, 2014

Going back to the basics Well, maybe not as basic as I used to go.

I’ve been working with paint and colored pencils for some time now, with the occasional ink and watercolor number mixed in here and there. I enjoy the way I work, but I also like getting… more

An Extra Eye for Luck

May 15, 2014

An Extra Eye for Luck Peacock piece from my good fortune series is done.

As I mentioned in the first post discussing this series, every piece in it will revolve around symbols of good luck and/or protection.
For my first piece, I chose the peacock as… more

Double time

May 06, 2014

Double time With some painting and a triple frame.

Completing a piece means frame building time. I usually go for a shadowbox frame, and if I’m feeling adventurous, I go for a double frame. These days, it seems that the double frame just isn’t… more

Round 2 on the good luck tip

May 05, 2014

Round 2 on the good luck tip Sketch for the second piece in my positivity series.

A bear and a set of double-headed axes, that’s what I chose as my imagery for the second number in my “good luck” series. The bear, a symbol of strength and good fortune in Native… more

Printing a bit of gratitude

May 03, 2014

Printing a bit of gratitude Thank you’s from the bottom of my (linoleum block) heart.

Linoleum block printing is one of my absolute favorite things to do, yet I rarely do it. When I come back to it, I remember how much I enjoy the process. The repetitive motion of… more

Pumping out some positive vibes

April 29, 2014

Pumping out some positive vibes Starting a new series to channel good fortune.

I am a fan of symbols, especially ones of good luck and protection. Almost every day, I wear my chain of good luck charms and I often place one or two symbols in my pieces.… more

All Decked Out

April 26, 2014

All Decked Out Show opening at the Polk Museum of Art.

Well, Kick Start My Art has done it again! Another great showcase of artistic talent. I’m pretty pumped about my piece and am impressed with all of the work produced for this event. more

Wiensday and Pugsley have arrived

April 23, 2014

Wiensday and Pugsley have arrived The Addams in dog form.

So, I’m on a mission. To crank out as many of those random ideas I have scrawled in my sketchbook. First up, Wiensday and Pugsley Addams. A wiener dog (dachshund) and a pug. How I… more

100 Artists X 100 Films

April 19, 2014

100 Artists X 100 Films Latest show opening at BlueLucy.

This was an impressive event with a total of 102 pieces being shown, each based on a different movie. Just to see that amount of work hanging is inspiring, but some of the pieces were… more

Good reads over my coffee break

April 17, 2014

Good reads over my coffee break Navin and I get spontaneous publicity.

Fact: Trips to Ybor for coffee, always great. Fact: Popping open the latest Creative Loafing and seeing my artwork while I am enjoying an Ybor coffee break, super great. Huge thanks to Julie Garisto… more

Mermaid added

April 16, 2014

Mermaid added She has found a home.

Sometimes I like to break for some drawing. After finishing my under the sea border, I was eager to add my mermaid. Still contemplating my plan of attack for color, but so far, I like… more

Drawing under the sea

April 11, 2014

Drawing under the sea Starting a new border.

I’ve been wanting to do a series of mythical creatures and was inspired to revisit the thought by my recent trek to the Renaissance Festival. Mermaids are one of my favorite mythical creatures, so it… more

New one, All Decked Out

April 10, 2014

New one, All Decked Out My piece for All Decked Out at the Polk Museum of Art.

After a brief hiatus from art shows, Kick Start My Art is back with another event. This time it is at the Polk Museum of Art, running from 4.26.14 through July. The event is scheduled… more

Draw a Bird Day 2014

April 08, 2014

Draw a Bird Day 2014 Vulture it is.

I love holidays, especially the random, weird ones that no one celebrates. Observing as many holidays as possible in a year makes everything more exciting. Well, today is Draw a Bird Day, so I celebrated.… more

Talking to the hand, literally

April 07, 2014

Talking to the hand, literally Wrapping up line work on a new piece.

With due dates fast approaching, I needed to crank out the last bit of line work on my Ramp It Up piece. I have a pretty shaky hand, so line work is always a challenge.… more

Johnson, Navin R.

April 03, 2014

Johnson, Navin R. New piece for 100 Films at BlueLucy, complete.

Work that revolves around pop culture usually makes me a bit nervous. It’s like doing a piece for a person that is related to the majority of your audience. If you miss the mark, people… more

Navin coming to life

March 28, 2014

Navin coming to life Portrait portion just about done.

Starting to get excited about this one. Border drawing was completed a couple days ago and I just wrapped up the portrait portion. Navin R. Johnson has come to life.


The start of something new, inspired by a jerk

March 25, 2014

The start of something new, inspired by a jerk Based on the life of a poor black sharecropper’s son.

This is the start of my piece for the 100 FILMS exhibit presented by BlueLucy Gallery and the Sunscreen Film Festival. Each artist selected a movie to base their piece on. The movie I chose… more

Jackass has color

March 24, 2014

Jackass has color Image has been completely shaded and color added.

My Jackass ink and watercolor piece is complete. I used traditional playing card colors for this. Eventually, I will do some hand colored prints using a non-traditional palette. Prints and original are available in the… more

Progress on new skateboard piece

March 19, 2014

Progress on new skateboard piece The process so far on my piece for All Decked Out event.

I’ve started laying paint down on my piece and have decided to go in a different direction than normal. Usually, I would choose natural colors, do heavy shading and outline in black. For this, I… more

Ideas on Innovation

March 17, 2014

Ideas on Innovation Original drawing for a new skateboard piece.

Kickstart My Art has put together another event, this time at the Polk Museum of Art. This event, called All Decked Out, is tied in with Go Skateboarding Day and Innoskate. Since there is the… more

Stippling a jackass

March 05, 2014

Stippling a jackass A 1.5 year old sketch is given life.

I drew the outline of this image about a year and a half ago, then jammed it in a folder. While organizing my work, I stumbled across it and decided to bring the image to… more

Introducing Sawyer smalls

February 28, 2014

Introducing Sawyer smalls I love mini things, so I make mini things.

All who know me, know I love mini things. It was only natural that I would eventually start making mini artwork. My goal is to make as many of these as I can. I don’t… more

Made my way around this new piece

February 27, 2014

Made my way around this new piece New skull and florals project complete.

I’ve been wanting to work on strictly skulls and florals for a bit. Now that I have a little break from commissions and shows, game is on. I’ve never worked on a circular surface before,… more

Plans for new skull and florals

February 24, 2014

Plans for new skull and florals Preliminary drawing for new piece.

I’ve had this round panel sitting by my desk for months, just waiting for me to work on it. Tonight, I completed my sketch for this piece.


A little drawing practice to end the evening

February 19, 2014

A little drawing practice to end the evening Its always important to keep those drawing skills sharp.

I love to draw. Not just in the planning of a piece, but just drawing for the sake of drawing. I absolutely adore the practice because it reminds me that I have a ton of… more

Can’t Go Wrong with Unicorns and Glitter

February 15, 2014

Can’t Go Wrong with Unicorns and Glitter Newest piece, created for Infectious: The Art of Glitter at BlueLucy.

Infectious was full of glitz and glitter. Here is an explanation of my piece. There is glitter in it, promise. Titled “Because it is in our marrow and in our souls, we shall sparkle… more

A day to celebrate what you love

February 14, 2014

A day to celebrate what you love Valentine’s Day is about love, right? I love art, so why not celebrate that.

I’ve never been one for the whole romantic Valentine’s Day bit. Luckily, Infectious: The Art of Glitter opened at BlueLucy this night, so I was able to spend the evening around what I love most…art.… more

Lord of the Rings Portrait Commission

February 04, 2014

Lord of the Rings Portrait Commission My first piece of 2014 was a bit of a challenge and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

The theme:  Lord of the Rings. My concept: Depict the couple as characters from the books/movies.To do that, I decided to dress them as Aragorn and Arwen. The border is influenced by elements in Lord… more

Starting up some new foliage

January 27, 2014

Starting up some new foliage Inspired by yesterday’s trip, I begin the foliage and flowers on my newest piece.

Leaves and flowers are not uncommon in my work. Yesterday’s trip to Bok Tower Gardens got me extra motivated to work on that portion of my latest piece.


The beginning of a new frame

January 16, 2014

The beginning of a new frame And it shall be called, the behemoth.

When I was asked to do a Lord of the Rings inspired portrait, I immediately started thinking about the frame. I was set on making a frame with doors that resembled those from hobbit… more

Gifting Portraits

December 31, 2013

Gifting Portraits I am all for the handmade gift. This holiday season, I was able to get a few done in time.

I was able to squeeze in portraits of my niece and nephew for my sister and one for a good friend. Must say, these were the most well received gifts I’ve ever given. There were… more

Day of the Dead Couple’s Portrait

December 27, 2013

Day of the Dead Couple’s Portrait Another fun commission under my belt.

For this commission, I was asked to do a Day of the Dead couple’s portrait. Rather than just keeping the portraits traditional and incorporating Day of the Dead elements, I opted to put the couple… more

My Work, Large and In Charge

October 29, 2013

My Work, Large and In Charge There is nothing quite like driving down the interstate and seeing your work on a billboard.

I passed by it a good number of times on my way home in the past 2 weeks and finally was able to look at it. A strange experience, but an exciting one nonetheless. Pretty… more

Custom Zombie Portrait Commission

October 27, 2013

Custom Zombie Portrait Commission Intimidation…doing a commission for a tremendous tattoo artist and sign painter.

Commissioned for tattoo artist, Bob Ashbaugh, by his girlfriend. My task was to immortalize them in zombie form. I was a bit nervous to start a piece for someone so talented, but it was… more

Sanford vs. Pryor, this time on a skateboard

October 25, 2013

Sanford vs. Pryor, this time on a skateboard Clearing up the Lamont Sanford or Richard Pryor debate.

For last year’s RedBull Wake Art Project, I included a portrait of Lamont Sanford (Demond Wilson) on my piece. A number of people confused him for Richard Pryor. So, I decided to clear up… more

A thugged-out nature combo

October 01, 2013

A thugged-out nature combo One of the perks of being an artist, I get what I want, visually.

I never thought of myself as the “getting hitched” type. Most women dream of marriage and have this idea of having a perfect wedding, not me. It is a life goal for most. The only… more

The Storybook City: A Tampa Tribute

September 26, 2013

The Storybook City: A Tampa Tribute A storybook illustration of how I feel about and see my city.

Those that know me, know how much I love my hometown. I am one of few natives (of my generation, anyhow) that takes pride in being from Tampa. This piece was made to read as… more

The Ybor Spirit Hood

September 16, 2013

The Ybor Spirit Hood Because pandas and foxes don’t live in Ybor.

If you’ve ever take an a stroll down 7th on a Friday or Saturday, you will see many a gal wearing the spirit hood. Every time I see them, I think, “why?”. Seriously, if I… more

RedBull Wake Art Project 2013

July 01, 2013

RedBull Wake Art Project 2013 Last year, I did it solo. This year, I tag-teamed with Tony Krol.

Collaborating has always been difficult for me, but this process was interesting and surprisingly fun. The theme for the event was the same as last year’s, “What Gives You Wings”. What we chose: Love and… more

King Tiki Piece for the Rock-a-hula Luau

June 10, 2013

King Tiki Piece for the Rock-a-hula Luau Tiki piece inspired by Elvis…King Creole, not Blue Hawaii. Obvious, right?

Another festive Bricks event!!!
Each artist is creating a tiki or island themed piece for the show.
Here’s my take on the theme:
When I first read “tiki art show”, this was… more

5.25…A Painting Marathon

May 08, 2013

5.25…A Painting Marathon My connection to the numbers 5 and 25, in 25 pieces.

5 artists, 25 pieces per artist, each at $25…a great opportunity and tremendous challenge.
My theme:
I feel connected to the numbers 5 and 25. Leo is the 5th zodiac sign. I am… more

Commissioned New Orleans Triptych

March 25, 2013

Commissioned New Orleans Triptych New Orleans triptych: Mid-City, French Quarter and Garden District.

New Orleans is almost like a second home to me. When I was asked to do a series of paintings with the city as my inspiration, I was thrilled. For the triptych, I wanted to… more

If the Skatepark of Tampa had a cigar label

February 28, 2013

If the Skatepark of Tampa had a cigar label I wanted to make something that had Tampa at it’s core.

The final installment of the 93 ‘til Infinity series is coming up. For this event, 20 artists (10 local, 10 national) will be creating works that incorporate the infamous SPoT logo.
My approach: more

Intermix: a collabo adventure

February 22, 2013

Intermix: a collabo adventure The beginning of a bangin’ new artistic collaboration in Tampa. Tony Krol and Michelle Sawyer.

Tony Krol and I created a series of portraits to display in LA Gallery Salon. The show opened with an event called Intermix on February 22, 2013. Working closely with such an amazing artist has… more

Taking it back to 2003

January 04, 2013

Taking it back to 2003 Pick a year, pick an event, create. Ingredients for an interesting piece.

This piece was created for Part 3 of the “‘93 ‘til Infinity” art show series at The Bricks. 20 years, 20 artists. Each artist selected a year between 1993-2012, picked a pop-culture event from that… more

New Work for Open Studio

November 30, 2012

New Work for Open Studio My studio walls were bare, so I worked hard to make them look sharp.

I rarely had the opportunity to create just for the sake of creating. My first open study gave me a reason. I hadn’t work on paper in a while, so I decided to try something… more

‘93 ‘til Infinity board

October 21, 2012

‘93 ‘til Infinity board Skateboard design in honor of the Skatepark of Tampa’s 20th anniversary.

First off, I love doing designs on boards. Whether its a wakeboard or skateboard, they are always super fun. So when I knew I had to create a design in honor of the Skatepark of… more

Ultimate Warrior vs Papa Shango in Munny form

October 03, 2012

Ultimate Warrior vs Papa Shango in Munny form Commemorating the only time in wrestling that voodoo caused a man’s head to ooze slime.

Two Munny dolls customized for the Daddy Kool Munny Show 2012.
I was a huge wrestling fan as a child, with the Ultimate Warrior being one of my favorites. No feud stuck out in… more

Star Wars nursery for Boba Fett G

September 25, 2012

Star Wars nursery for Boba Fett G Most people know my feelings about Star Wars. Seems like some of the greatest people I know are into it though.

So, I’ve had to compromise lately. My good friend G and her husband are two such people. It was quite the honor to be asked to paint their nursery, especially for their first child. The… more

The Bricks window painting

July 25, 2012

The Bricks window painting Hitting the place up with a boat load of good luck.

Since The Bricks opened 2 years ago, the place has been great to me. Kick Start My Art has only allowed me to miss one show and The Bricks has kept me full and happy… more